It’s good to get out from behind a desk

In the past month, since leaving my full time job, I’ve been able to get a taste of…well, manual labor. I’ve always liked working with my hands and have always prided myself on being handy. Now that I can sort of dictate my own work hours I have been catching up on my honey do list.

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Standards Schmandards

w3cWell I finally finished (well almost) coding the website I recently designed. Being the anal perfectionist that I am, I wanted to make sure the site was XHTML strict compliant and validated correctly. Being that this is a very small our page site, I figured coding would be a breeze. Wrong, wrong!

Enter IE 6 and well, many hours later, I believe the site is working in this browser. I wish that when standards are published, they would be utilized by everyone, so there would actually be standards.

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What ever happened to a little thing called…

US Postal Servicecustomer service. I know this is certainly a topic that has been discussed time and again, but once again I am dumbfounded by the lack of common courtesy that is amiss in many of the businesses I deal with on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the US Post Office. Currently I am assisting with an online photographic services company, As part of my daily routine, I pack up photos to be shipped by our friends at the post office.

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Meet my new best friend, facebook

facebookYes, I said facebook. While I may be late in getting to the party, I certainly have been catching up. I really can appreciate the community of users that it has created, not to mention the developers who are going crazy supplying us with great apps.

I am totally hooked on Scrabulous along with Texas Hold ’em Poker. Not only do you get a chance to play the great games, but who knows you may just run into an old buddy during a hand.

The whole notion of how the internet has been evolving towards the community and network based environment leads me to believe we are in store for some interesting surprises.

Back and I need a vacation

Capel Lookout CabinIs it just me or does everyone feel the same way I do when they return from their vacation. Yes, I had a great time and I could have stayed much longer, but now that I’m home I feel like I need to take another break. Just some time to really chill out. Don’t get me wrong, the beach me and my family went to was fantastic. We went to Portsmouth Island, North Carolina, a remote barrier island that is part of Cape Lookout National Seashore.

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