Where have my design chops gone?

PhotoshopWell I never claimed to be a great designer even though I went to school and earned my degree in Graphic Design. It’s been quite some time since I really opened up photoshop and fireworks to actually design something. While I use these applications a lot, it was more for cranking out already designed graphics and simply optimizing them for the web.

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Venturing out into the unknown

While a new beginning may sound intriguing and adventurous it also comes with the its sense of nervousness. I have been in the design and marketing business for quite some time and have seen a lot of changes over the years. While I’ve seen the ups and downs, the twists ans turns, I’ve always felt like I”ve been in my element and with people that understood this work environment.

As of Friday, August 10th, this has all changed. I’ve left the company I started and ultimately sold only to venture back out into the unknown. With no certain next steps I have brought upon a new found excitement and yes, fear of what the future may hold for me. Yes, I have some ideas of what I may be doing in my next life, but ultimately it’s a time for me to perhaps change my overall direction.

While the design, advertising agency, and ultimately interactive marketing industry have all been great challenging experiences for me, it may be time for a change. All too often we find ourselves in what I deem a “work comfort zone”. That is, we find ourselves “going through the motions”. Day in and day out we get in a rut and while there’s nothing wrong with this, I find that without a challenge I find it hard to press onward.

So without committing to my next venture, I do know that whatever it is, it will bring change. With change comes learning and ultimately a new life challenge.

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