Business as usual. No way!

efotolab.comWell, I’m still plugging away here at and I must say I am enjoying the ride. It’s always refreshing to me to be part of something as it grows. While the business is growing slower than we’d all like, it is looking favorable. As we had into the new year it will be challenging to rise above the noise out there and begin turn a profit.

The team recently sat down to discuss plans for 2008 that include among many things a website revamp.

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Just gotta make the time.

WordPressI haven’t spoken for awhile now and that’s because I have been pretty busy. Between my so-called day job at and my ongoing, never ending home renovation, I just haven’t had the time to really do what I want to do with my site. That is, design it.

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Print…you know where you stand.

Print DesignI’ve recently been doing some direct marketing design. You know the typical things, direct mailers, sell sheets, some corporate identity. What a change from web design! I totally forgot how different the two mediums really are. Until I recently jumped back into the world of print, I really did forget what I was missing.

From the the true point sizes of fonts and leading, to the actual colors and boundaries of your artwork palette and canvas. In the world of the web, these things are all very big variables, but with print, it’s pretty much what you see is what you get (wysiwyg).

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