When will it end?

Kitchen DemolitionI thought by now we’d be enjoying the fruits of our labors, not to mention back to the mode of actually saving some money. But alas, we are still in the midst of our home renovation. My patience is beginning to run thin as every time I turn around I am writing a check to one of the contractors, buying material, knocking down another wall, and as always cleaning up the DUST!

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It’s just what guys do.

Cold BeerI realize that I am a married man and have two children to care for, but once in awhile, well maybe more than once in awhile, I like to hang out after work with the guys. It’s not that I don’t want to, or enjoy hanging out with my family, but there’s something about hanging around shooting the breeze and downing some cold beers that is, and always will be a guy thing.

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Just gotta make the time.

WordPressI haven’t spoken for awhile now and that’s because I have been pretty busy. Between my so-called day job at efotolab.com and my ongoing, never ending home renovation, I just haven’t had the time to really do what I want to do with my site. That is, design it.

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