New York CityI hadn’t been up to the Big Apple in quite some time and it was certainly refreshing to be back in the midst of all that action. Even though I was up on business manning a trade show booth at the Javits Center, I had a chance to experience some fine cuisine along with sites, smells and sounds that are part of this great city.

While I’m just glad to be a casual visitor here, I must say that NYC is one of my favorite places to visit for a short stint. It’s not necessarily the fine dining and cultural amenities that keep me coming back, but rather the people. It never ceases to amaze me the enormous diversity of human race that exists here. I could probably spend a week up here just sitting idly by “people watching”. The different ethnicities, sizes, shapes, and fashions are simply fascinating to me.

It may have only been a few days that I had to spend up there, but I cherished every minute.

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