VerdeBook LayoutEarlier last year I wrote a post dealing with my frustration over the lack of cross browser and cross platform consistency when creating XHTML strict code. Well I’m back to gripe again.

Jesus! You would think that the single landing page that I designed over the weekend would be a snap to code. I tried to keep it very simple as I knew I needed to get the site for our Verd├ęBook out there this week. I had the overall framework down in about an hour. I was just tweaking and fine tuning things a bit and adding a nice ajax slide show type viewer into the overall layout, when I started to check out what things were looking like in IE, Safari and Opera (as I was already viewing it in FireFox).

Much to my chagrin it didn’t look all that great. In fact, my browser was actually displaying things differently than the same exact browser on another machine, running the same OS! I just don’t get it. I really love the idea of keeping compliant with my code, but does it really need to be that difficult?

I know that I am no code jockey so if anyone knows of a good cheat sheet out there so I don’t have to second guess my hacks or code, please let me know.

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