WordPressI haven’t spoken for awhile now and that’s because I have been pretty busy. Between my so-called day job at efotolab.com and my ongoing, never ending home renovation, I just haven’t had the time to really do what I want to do with my site. That is, design it.

Currently I’m using a wordpress theme that I am thankfully appreciative of, however it’s time for me to create something for myself. Something unique and allows me to express myself creatively. It’s just that I need to make time to bone up on how to customize, tweak, whatever you want to call it, the wordpress engine I’m currently running.

Great documentation can be found on their site. I just need to discipline myself to spend an hour or two each evening and begin to formulate my plan of implementation. While I’ve got my new creation mapped out in my head, we all know that putting pen to paper or pixels to computer is the only way to get things going.

So alas, I just need to make the time and get to it. I’d love to hear from anyone who has developed their site from scratch using wordpress as their core engine.

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