US Postal Servicecustomer service. I know this is certainly a topic that has been discussed time and again, but once again I am dumbfounded by the lack of common courtesy that is amiss in many of the businesses I deal with on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the US Post Office. Currently I am assisting with an online photographic services company, As part of my daily routine, I pack up photos to be shipped by our friends at the post office. When I arrive their, the line is typically LONG, and gets LONGER as I wait for someone to simply take my packages. While I understand they’ve got their processes that they need to follow, I would hope part of this process isn’t moving at sloth-like speed. Much to my dismay, I believe this is protocol. In fact, as I stood in line once again last week, one of the clerks joyfully boasted “Everyone knows that if you’re in a hurry you shouldn’t have come to the post office.” Service with a smile!

This is just one example of what I’ve been experiencing with regards to customer service from both retail businesses as well as service oriented ones. I don’t get it. I have always been of the mind set that you need to treat your customers/clients with respect and professionalism. Not only are they the people supporting your business but ultimately they can be the best referral you have when it comes to getting more business. so it stands to reason that you want them to remember the good and not the bad.

I guess when you have such a corner on a market, i.e. the US Post Office, you can rest (and I do mean rest) on your laurels. Maybe some of this attitude will catch up and bite some of these guys, but i doubt it.

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