PhotoshopWell I never claimed to be a great designer even though I went to school and earned my degree in Graphic Design. It’s been quite some time since I really opened up photoshop and fireworks to actually design something. While I use these applications a lot, it was more for cranking out already designed graphics and simply optimizing them for the web.

In any case, I actually had to create some unique concepts for a small company that sells a unique product. Even though this is a small company and they are simply trying to get there product recognized, I always strive for perfection. It was now up to me to create an online presence for them with simply a few product photos in hand, some simple copy and their logo.

While there are a lot of great design references out there for inspiration I had a difficult time getting the old right side of the brain (or is it left sided) kick started. After some time spent on some great sites, I was finally able to crank out a few home page concepts. I”m fairly happy with the outcome, however, I would like to have tried a few more ideas but I ran short on time.

I really thought it would have been a lot easier getting back on the horse, but much to my surprise it’s not necessarily like riding a bike. It was good to exercise a part of my brain that was duly overdue for some stretching. I just hope I can keep it up.

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