Measure this.

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Google Analytics DashboardIt’s amazing how far we’ve come with regards to web analytics. Does anyone remember the days of pulling down your daily web log file and processing it through the earlier version of WebTrends. Well we certainly have come a long way baby.

I’ve always been a data geek and even in those early days, I would consume myself with trying to interpret that plethora of highly illegible data, somehow trying to convince myself and my clients that our marketing efforts were driving traffic to the site. Well I’m still a fan of the statistics and data, but now the tools and event the metrics have changed face.Read More »Measure this.

It’s just what guys do.

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Cold BeerI realize that I am a married man and have two children to care for, but once in awhile, well maybe more than once in awhile, I like to hang out after work with the guys. It’s not that I don’t want to, or enjoy hanging out with my family, but there’s something about hanging around shooting the breeze and downing some cold beers that is, and always will be a guy thing.Read More »It’s just what guys do.

Business as usual. No way!

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efotolab.comWell, I’m still plugging away here at efotolab.com and I must say I am enjoying the ride. It’s always refreshing to me to be part of something as it grows. While the business is growing slower than we’d all like, it is looking favorable. As we had into the new year it will be challenging to rise above the noise out there and begin turn a profit.

The team recently sat down to discuss plans for 2008 that include among many things a website revamp.Read More »Business as usual. No way!