Finally did it!

Well, I finally found a nice WP theme that I could use to revamp my site. I’ve wanted to create more of a regular website rather than simply a blog and thanks to The Cotton by Pexeto, I’ve done just that. It’s a nice simple theme and I’ve been able to develop some additional php code and template pages that allow me to adapt some additional structure and styles to to the site.

I am still in the process of modifying the styles and widgets to create a unique look for me, but I have at least started to add some of my work in a Portfolio section of the site.

Riding the Rails

I never deemed myself a programmer. I come from the design side but have taught myself html, css a bit of javascript and have dabbled with php.

railsMost recently I was introduced to Rails framework and the programming language of Ruby. While it seems like a fantastic way to develop ultimately it still comes down to having the right mindset for programming.

Yes, I think I will be able to write some Ruby on Rails applications (or at least decipher some of the many ones already out there), but no matter how simple the language you still need to fancy yourself someone who can map out things in structured chunks.

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Ready to Roll

I’m jumping back onto the wagon and hopefully getting my design and coding chops back in order. I will first need to upgrade my WordPress install and get a new place for the digs but not to fear that should be the easy part. I’ve at least got some inspiration to get designing on a new site for a band that we just started about a month ago.

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Quite the hiatus

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here but I think I’ll be back in the game soon. I’ve got plenty of things that have been going on however there’s been little to no time to post. That said, I’ve been doing some development, design and have been maing progress on some new business ventures.

I’ll be back with some details soon.

Serious progress.

Well, I don’t want to speak too soon, but I am definitely seeing some progress on the kitchen/family room renovations. The sheet rock is up and soon the second and third coat of mud will be applied. Next up, sure up the sub floor and then dare I say it may be time for some kitchen cabinets!

I can almost smell the cooking and hear the faucet and dishwasher running again. I don’t know how we ever lived without these little conveniences.

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