efotolab.comWell, I’m still plugging away here at efotolab.com and I must say I am enjoying the ride. It’s always refreshing to me to be part of something as it grows. While the business is growing slower than we’d all like, it is looking favorable. As we had into the new year it will be challenging to rise above the noise out there and begin turn a profit.

The team recently sat down to discuss plans for 2008 that include among many things a website revamp. This to me is an exciting opportunity to really make a splash. Because it is an e-commerce driven website and has a lot of functionality supporting it, the information architecture and usability in my mind is the number one focus. Design is key, but is a supporting role. That said, we have a tall task ahead of us. With a lean team it is sometimes tough to maintain focus but that is my goal moving into this year.

Among other activities we have going on include advertising, adding new product lines, contacting customers, mass mailings, not to mention the day-to-day business operation activities. All in all, 2008 should be a busy year, but then again that’s how I like it.

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