Standards Schmandards

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w3cWell I finally finished (well almost) coding the website I recently designed. Being the anal perfectionist that I am, I wanted to make sure the site was XHTML strict compliant and validated correctly. Being that this is a very small our page site, I figured coding would be a breeze. Wrong, wrong!

Enter IE 6 and well, many hours later, I believe the site is working in this browser. I wish that when standards are published, they would be utilized by everyone, so there would actually be standards.Read More »Standards Schmandards

What ever happened to a little thing called…

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US Postal Servicecustomer service. I know this is certainly a topic that has been discussed time and again, but once again I am dumbfounded by the lack of common courtesy that is amiss in many of the businesses I deal with on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the US Post Office. Currently I am assisting with an online photographic services company, As part of my daily routine, I pack up photos to be shipped by our friends at the post office.Read More »What ever happened to a little thing called…